Meeting reports

The global community of synthesis centres has met three times:

The first meeting of biological science synthesis centres was held in France from 9 to 11 October 2013 at the home of CESAB, the Centre for the Synthesis and Analysis of Biodiversity. The meeting, spearheaded by the trans-continental team of ACEAS (the Australian Centre for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis) and CESAB, brought together leaders of synthesis Centres from four continents: Europe (including the UK), Asia, North America and Australia.

2013 ISC Group Photo

Left to right back: Luguang Jiang (CERN), Dawn Field (EOS), Bruno Fady (CESAB-FRB), Allen Rodrigo (NESCENT), Richard Price (Kiriganai Rearch Pty Ltd), Lou Gross (NIMBioS). Left to right front: Alison Specht (ACEAS-TERN), Jill Baron (Powell), Pamela Bishop (NIMBioS), John Parker (Arizona State Uni), Andrew Campbell (Charles Darwin Uni, TERN), Marten Winter (sDiV), Magali Grana (CESAB), Eric Garner (CESAB-FRB), Frank Davis (NCEAS). Absent from photo: Huixia Zhao (CERN), Siddeswara Guru (ACEAS-TERN), Dr Suzanne Long (TERN)

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The second meeting was held at sDiv in Leipzig, Germany in February 2015.

2014 ISC Group Photo

Left to right back: Todd Vision (NESCent), Margaret Palmer (SESYNC), Andrew Campbell (TERN), Claire Salomon (CESAB), Jill Baron (Powell), Helge Bruelheide (iDiv), Frank Davis (NCEAS). Left to right front: Volker Grimm (iDiv), David Hawthorne (SESYNC), Tom Meagher (EOS), Pamela Bishop (NIMBioS), Diego Steinaker (CIEE/ICEE), Alison Specht (ACEAS), James Boyd (SESYNC), Marten Winter (sDiv), Colleen Jonsson (NIMBioS), Jonathan Kramer (SESYNC).

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The third meeting was held at Powell Center in Fort Collins (CO), USA in September 2016.

2016 ISC Group Photo

Left to right back: Jennifer Balch (Uni Colorado), Tom Meagher (EOS), Martin Goldhaber (Powell Center), James Boyd (SESYNC), Jonathan Kramer (SESYNC), Peter R. Leavitt (CIEE), Jean Ometto (NGEE), Marten Winter (sDiv), John Parker (Arizona State Uni) Left to right front: Colleen B. Jonsson (NIMBioS), Diego Steinaker (CIEE/ICEE), Alison Specht (ACEAS), Jill Baron (Powell Center), Stephanie Hampton (Washington State Uni), Margaret Palmer (SESYNC), Pamela Bishop (NIMBioS), Anne Maglia (NSF), Melissa Manus (TriCEM), Ben Halpern (NCEAS) On Screen: Marjan van den Belt (Massey Uni)

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